It is a good idea to arrive 10-15mins before the start of party. You will be given a registration form and should read over it carefully before you sign your details. You will then write down the names of all the children you are expecting at the party including the birthday child. Our staff will give you tickets for each child to swap for their skates and will let you know when your party is scheduled for food in the private party room.

You can call RollerJam at 021 – 4874487 or email us at We will ask you for a contact name and number, the birthday child’s name and how many children you are expecting approximately at the party. A €50 deposit is required for bookings. This can be paid in person when you collect your free invitations or over the phone.

There is no refund on deposits paid.

Yes! They must be quad skates though and the wheels must be inspected before you enter the rink by one of our staff members. Skates that have dirty or scratched wheels that may damage our rink floor cannot be permitted

If there is a child who does not wish to skate, there are a range of amusement games in the venue. The price for a child eating with the party but not skating is €4.99.

We organise so much of the party that there is plenty of time for you to have a go at skating too! All adults must sign their own registration form. Adults skating with the party receive a discount on admission. If you wish for certain adults to be included in your bill, please inform our front of desk staff otherwise they will be asked to pay for their own admission.

There is always great excitement at the beginning of a session as kids want to be able to start skating straight away but remember there is over 2 hours for them to practice and improve! Patience and praise are key here. We would encourage first time skaters to practice as much as possible on the carpet which will help when they go onto the rink and it won’t be long before they’re flying around after their friends!

Skating is a fun activity but like every sport it is not without its risks. Roller-skating is actually 5 times safer than cycling, 3 times safer than basketball and three times safer than football! RollerJam strives to provide a safe environment in which kids and adults alike can learn and develop their skills. Here are some top tips for staying safe at the rink

*Follow the rules of the rink- they are there for your safety and that of others

*Know your limits- it is worth taking your time until you feel more confident in your skills

*If you require it, protective gear is available to buy or rent in both kids and adult sizes. Ask our staff about discounts available with parties

It is RollerJam policy that no outside food or drink be brought into the premises. You may however bring along a birthday cake which our staff will be happy to serve whilst you are in the party room.

An alternative of cocktail sausages can be provided for children who do not like pizza but we must be advised of this when party is being booked. The last chance to change your food order is when you are signing in on arrival. When you are sitting in the party room is too late!

If you would like to give away party bags, we would suggest keeping these until departure to be fair to our other patrons and in following with our outside food policy.

Each party has 30mins in the party room. This is plenty of time for the children to finish their food and often they are so eager to get back skating, the time spent is much shorter. After you leave the party room, any sweets/popcorn not yet eaten can be brought out to our lounge area as well as your mi-wadi pitchers which are unlimited for the whole session.

We attempt to keep playing games throughout the session. If your group is in the party room whilst a particular game starts we will play it again when you are back on the rink so there is no fear of missing out!